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“Amp” Up Your Electric with a Service Upgrade

Homes and businesses throughout the Blair County area hold a number of “old surprises” that may not always be pleasant to experience. Our crew will help to ‘amp up’ the service in your home to handle all the modern conveniences. As your business grows, be sure the amount of electric service is adequate. When you discover your home or business is in need of a service upgrade to handle all that the 21st century has to offer, give Brent Cogan Electrical Services a call.

Get “Current” with Your Electrical Services

Older homes and businesses throughout the Blair County area experience a variety of electrical problems. You may have to deal with older switches and fixtures, or the wiring itself may be hazardous and substandard compared to what is required today. Brent Cogan encourages residential and commercial customers to get “current” with your electrical service. Our experienced technicians can rewire older buildings and install modern, up-to-date wiring with state of the art fixtures and design applications.

Do Your Circuits Pop? It May Be Time to Call Us

Do your circuits pop when you operate multiple appliances? It may be right time to call Brent Cogan Electrical Services. A popped circuit is a safety feature that tells you when a particular circuit is overloaded. Instead of resetting your circuit breaker for the umpteenth time, dial our number and get the expert electrician who can solve your residential or commercial lighting issues fast. Brent Cogan and his team understand the way homes and businesses use electricity today. So, the next time your circuits pop, take it as a clue to improve on your electrical circuitry before anything serious occurs.

A New Panel Takes the Guesswork Out of Your Electrical System

Older buildings are especially notorious for having ancient electrical panels and systems that leave owners guessing what switch goes where. Having too many electrical items on a circuit can cause the breaker to pop. If you have to find your electrical box and guess how to reset it, give the experts at Brent Cogan Electrical Services a call. Installing a new panel takes the guesswork out of your electrical system. Together, we can help you outline and define your electrical system and upgrade your panel for proper use and safety.

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