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Resolve Electrical Problems with Brent Cogan Electrical Services, Inc.

When you need electrical services fast, give Brent Cogan Electrical Services, Inc. a call. We will be out to your location promptly, with professional electrical work that is second-to-none. Like a bolt out of the blue, our trained technicians will get your electrical problems resolved and everything working as it should. Brent Cogan is a master electrician and one of the highest-rated electrical service providers in the Blair County area. Call Brent Cogan Electrical Services, Inc. at (814) 944-9473 today to speak with our team.

Make Your Switches and Fixtures Safer with an Expert Electrician

When Brent Cogan Electrical Services, Inc. says no job is too big or too small, we really mean it! If you find yourself screwing a bulb into an old ceiling fixture, or pulling on a cord to turn a task light off and on in an attic or storage room, do not put yourself at risk. If you turn on a switch and can feel the surge, this is a sign that the switch or wiring is unsafe. Call us now to replace your outdated switches, fixtures, or other electrical components. We keep customers safe while providing quality lighting and a brighter space, especially when you only use the fixture occasionally. Brent Cogan Electrical Services, Inc. also offers 24/7 emergency services for homes and businesses throughout Blair County.

One thing to consider if you make multiple service-related calls is the option of adding a generator for when the power goes out. We can get it installed to save you hassle and inconvenience.

Get Connected with Rewiring that Goes the Distance in Central PA

Speaking of rewiring, many customers want to know whether the electrical wiring in their home or business is right. As a master electrician, Brent Cogan is called on to connect customers throughout Central PA with rewiring that goes the distance. Our electrical technicians and designers use the right type of wiring for every job. This ensures any rewiring that is done for your home or business will go the distance.

New Outlets and Lighting is Our Specialty

Electrical service calls can mean a number of things today, so when it comes time to install or repair outlets or lighting, be sure to contact Brent Cogan Electrical Services, Inc. New outlets can provide additional ways for homes and businesses to configure a number of operations. Lighting service calls can include wall or ceiling fixtures that are necessary for daily room safety, comfort, or special task areas. If you are thinking about making any modifications to your outlets or lighting, or are just tired of dealing with extension cords to make things run, just give us a call at Brent Cogan Electrical Services, Inc.

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