Get the Electrical Services You Need
for Remodeling & Additions

Remodeling Your Home? Be Sure to Brighten Your New Space

Brent Cogan Electrical Services, Inc. is ready to help with your next remodeling project in Duncansville, PA, or the surrounding areas. Whether you are adding a new space or remodeling an existing one, be sure to brighten your new space with enough outdoor or interior lighting to meet the needs of your household. Providing places for charging devices, managing wireless networks, and lighting fixtures for general room and task spaces are all made easier by calling your Hometown Favorite Electrician, Brent Cogan! Call us today at (814) 944-9473 to schedule service. We also provide 24/7 emergency services.

Brent Cogan Electrical Services Can Complete Any Electrical Project

The trusted experts at Brent Cogan Electrical Services, Inc. know their work, and it is our job to see that your electrical systems and equipment are all hooked up properly. If you are experiencing any type of residential electrical issues related to a remodeling job, addition, or other building-related project, we encourage you to give us a call. We can resolve the problem and get you hooked up for years of trouble-free electrical convenience.

When planning your remodeling or new addition project, make sure to contact us to install the upgrade for adequate electric in the new space. We are at your service!

Replace or Install Wiring with Master Electrician Brent Cogan

For many homeowners with older homes, older wiring can become a bit of a headache, as well as a safety concern. Even adding space or reconfiguring a room can bring problems with electrical service. The team at Brent Cogan Electrical Services, Inc. knows how to troubleshoot problems. Our electricians are the ones to call to resolve older wiring issues and install new wires to keep your home safe, and to meet your electrical requirements. This is what we do every day, so our technicians know what it takes to replace or fix old wiring. We can evaluate your current electrical situation and let you know when it is time to make the switch to a safer type of wire or electrical service system.

Meet Proper Codes After Building an Addition in Duncansville, PA

Doing a remodeling project or building a new addition can be like getting a fresh start. Builders know to call in a contractor to help with running the necessary wiring on a fresh build. This gives added peace of mind knowing that your electrical system meets current building codes from start to finish. Ensure a fresh start and reliable electrical service for your remodeling or new addition in Duncansville, PA, or the surrounding areas by calling Brent Cogan Electrical Services, Inc. today.