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Ensure the Adequacy of Your Electrical Service

When planning the building of a new home, be sure to contract with Brent Cogan Electrical Service, Inc. Our professional electricians will plan and install the wiring and electrical systems for your new home. We consult with you to ensure the adequacy of your electrical service for all the rooms being wired. Know that you will have the right size lines, circuits, and numbers of outlets for all your electrical needs.

• LED Lighting Specialist
• Lighting Design
• Master Electrician
• Residential
• Commercial
• 24-Hour Emergency Service
• Fuse Box Upgrades

• Rewiring
• Parking Lot Lighting
• Exterior/Site Lighting
• Landscape Lighting
• Security Lighting
• Cable Jacks
• Telephone Jacks

• Receptacles
• 120V Home Alarm Systems
• 120V Company Alarm Systems
• Routine Maintenance
• Wiring New Home Construction
• Electrical Contracting
• Excavation

Reliable Service from a Reliable Company

When it comes to a new home, builders and homeowners alike look to a reliable company with the skills and experience to provide the most reliable work and service. Brent Cogan Electrical Services is the local company trusted by residential and commercial clients alike. We provide reliable service to every client, because we know the importance of carrying a good reputation.

What to Expect with New Home Wiring

What is involved with new home wiring, or what is expected of an electrician on a new home wiring contract? An electrician contracted to work on wiring for a new home is required to put in a significant amount of time.

One example from the Internet gives some idea of what is involved:

For a home around 1200 sq. ft., this cost ranges between $3500-$8000. If an electrician can run most of the wiring through a basement, attic, crawlspace, or floor joists, the costs will land on the lower end of the estimate. Larger homes or homes with restricted access to crawlspaces will inflate costs up to $20,000. – www.fixr.com/costs/electrical-wiring

Be Sure to Ask for Us by Name

As you can see, much of the cost is based on the home project’s access difficulty. Costs can vary widely, which is why it can be helpful to the property owner when builders and electric contractors have a good working relationship. Brent Cogan Electrical Services is your trusted business-to-business electrical resource, so be sure to ask for us by name! As a reliable name when it comes to electrical work, and we invite you give us a call today for more information.

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